CSR Studios has 5 professional studios.

Our world class mastering suite boasts the latest software while utilising the latest technologies. We also currently use the industry standard FOCAL SM9 monitors which are manufactured specifically for mastering.

We are also one of the few MASTERED FOR iTunes ‘MFiT’ accredited studios in the country.


Online Mastering:

You can now use the internet to send us your songs for mastering. Just use the ‘drop-box’ to send us your audio files and leave the rest to our experienced mastering team. It’s that simple. (Restricted to a maximum of 2GB)



You send us 24 bit Wav. files – maximum -3dB (un-mastered). Provide us with Instructions and guidelines for the product.

We then can send you the master back either as wav. files or it can be sent as an industry standard, ‘DDP’ file, ready for the duplication plant.



Keep the mixes clean and dynamic by not overusing processors. Dynamic processors (compressor/limiters) on the master bus can destroy a mix and make it difficult, if not impossible for the mastering engineer to make a great master. So please do not use any compressions/limiters on the master output when bouncing final mixes.

The file should be kept in the same resolution as it was mixed in. If a song was mixed in 96kHz, 24bit, it should be submitted in that same depth but in “.WAV”.

Mastered for iTunes files need to be in 24-bit 44.1khz or greater WAV files.